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Take Control Of
Payment Processing

Transact Directly With Your Customers, Free From Third-Party Oversight.

What is Numifex?

Numifex is a merchant solution for processing cryptocurrency payments. Numifex Beta processes payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) via an interface with the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. In the first release, Numifex Beta integrates with the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. Future releases will support other cryptocurrencies. For other e-commerce platforms, contact us.

Numifex is a payment processing tool you own. You do not pay service fees or transactions fees to use Numifex. Owning your tools allows you to transact directly with your customers. Use Numifex 100 times or use it 100,000,000 times. Either way, the cost for using Numifex remains the same.

Numifex is open source with a GPLv3 license.
View, use, fork, modify and improve source code from here


With traditional payment processing services, you must do business with your customers through a third party member. These third parties decide when you receive your revenue, who you refund, and charge you fees all along the way. With Numifex, you deal directly with your customers without any unnecessary middleman.

Expand Your Reach

Expand your markets and increase revenue with cryptocurrency sales. Tap into new markets globally and millions of customers holding cryptocurrency.

No More Fees

Become your own payment processor with Numifex. There are enough fees already. Buy Numifex and we will never charge you fees to use it. 

Seamless Integration

Numifex Beta integrates with your WooComerce plugin for WordPress. Subsequent versions will expand integrations to include other e-commerce tools such as Magento & custom platforms.

Why Transact With Cryptocurrency

We’ve seen an amazing growth in both interest and holdings of cryptocurrencies over the past 10 years. At the end of 2017 there are an estimated 4.3 million people holding cryptocurrency, a 207% increase since 2015. In a survey of Bitcoin holders, 40% of respondents are open to making everyday transactions with cryptocurrency. Transacting with cryptocurrency isn’t a novelty, it’s the future and consumers are ready. Are you?

Low Fees

While there are no transaction fees to use Numifex and only small fees to process transactions on a blockchain. Fees to process credit card transactions are sometimes as high as 3%. By processing payments on a blockchain merchants can expect to decrease their transaction fees to less than 1%.

Fraud Protection

Blockchains are fraud-resistant by design. They create a transparent and historical ledger. Identity theft is more difficult. Credit card companies invest heavily to fight fraud and pass those costs on to merchants and consumers. Blockchains do not require additional infrastructure and support to mitigate fraud risk. They were designed to reduce fraud.

Eliminate Chargebacks

Chargebacks cost merchants unnecessary time and money. Payments made with cryptocurrency are final. You can still issue a refund, but customers cannot execute a chargeback.

Why Transact With Numifex?

With Numifex you own your payment processing tool. There are no additional costs to process 1 or 100 million transactions with Numifex. Take out the 3rd party payment processing services and enjoy true peer-to-peer transactions with your customers.