Getting Started

To get started, follow the instructions in each section. They will help you to make decisions and set up the software.

Choose Hosting Option

Numifex is designed to be operated by you, the merchant. Self hosting will provide you with the lowest costs and the full benefits of decentraliztion and cryptocurrency.

For convenience we also offer a shared hosting service for Numifex called Axia Codex, This hosting service has a small annual fee. If you choose this option, we will handle setup and provide you with access to the server. We do not process your payments for you, or collect your data, we just host your software.

Read through the options below and decide which makes the most sense for you.

Option 1: I want Axia Codex to host it for me.

Great! We will setup the payment processing component for you. Contact us at:

Included in the hosting agreement is access to the Axia Codex crypto currency data.

Option 2: I have access to servers and want to host it myself.

If your organization already has servers that host other software and an IT team it should be easy to add Numifex. Follow the instructions at Self Hosting

Choose Cryptocurrency Services

Each cryptocurrency needs access to a node which gives it access to the network. Numifex also needs data about cryptocurrency exchange rates to convert prices from your site.

Option 1: I want reliable cryptocurrency services and pricing data.

Axia Codex provides reliable access to network nodes and tracks historial price data for cryptocurrencies.

Deciding how much to charge your customers for cryptocurrency can be tricky due to price volatility and exchange fees. Axia Codex will provide Numifex with a price that takes these variables into account, so that you get the revenue you expect.

Axia Codex is included in the hosting agreement at no extra charge. Access is also available to those who self-host for a small fee.

Option 2: I will use community cryptocurrency services.

By default, Numifex will pull pricing data from freely available sources. Most crypto communities also provide nodes which are available for public use.

But, because they are operated by third parties, we can provide no support or guarantees of reliablity or accuracy.

Option 3: I don’t need cryptocurrency services. I host my own, or use another vendor.

You may choose to set your own prices, and use your own crypto nodes if you have access to them.

During the cryptocurrency setup processes below, it should be clear when to enter this information.

Configure Payment Processor

Now that the payment processor is installed, login to the payment processor admin and change the user information.

  1. Visit the admin page of the payment processor. For example https://your-numifex-host/admin.
  2. You will be greeted with a login screen. Login with username: admin and password: admin.
  3. Click on the Admin tab and enter a new username and password.

You are now ready to set up a cryptocurrency or eCommerce site!

Configure Cryptocurrencies

You will need to go through a short setup process for each crypto currency you would like to accept.

Follow the instructions on the page for each crypto you would like to accept. Each is optional, but you need at least one to accept payments.

Configure eCommerce Platform

Numifex will integrate with several eCommerce platforms. Each is optional, and none are required.