This page will help you install the Numifex plugin for WooCommerce.


You can install the plugin from the WordPress admin page, or manually through FTP/SSH.

WordPress Plugin

Option 1: Admin Installation

  1. Download wp-numifex.zip from your unique Numifex link.
$ wget https://repo.pyrofex.io/numifex/{YOUR_KEY}/latest/wp-numifex.zip
  1. Open the Admin page and click on Plugins. Click Add New.

  2. Click Upload plugin and select the numifex-wp.zip file.

  3. After the package is processed, press Install Now.

  4. After installing the plugin needs to be enabled. Click Activate Plugin on this screen. Find Numifex Payment Gateway and click Activate Plugin.

  5. On the admin sidebar there should be a link called Numifex Plugin click on it.

  6. In the field called numifex URL you need to enter a URL for the payment processing server.

Option 2: Manual Installation

Use FTP or SSH to upload the archive numifex-wp.zip to your server. Unzip the archive and copy the numifex-wp to your WooCommerce plugins folder.

The plugins folder is typically located at:


For more information about installing WordPress plugins see here.

Give WooCommerce Key to Payment Processor

You need to allow the payment processor to send order information to WooCommerce.

  1. Open the WooCommerce admin. Click on WooCommerce -> Settings in the admin sidebar.
  2. Click on Advanced -> Legacy API. Ensure that Enable the legacy REST API is checked.
  3. Click on Advanced -> REST API. Click Add Key.
  4. Give it a description. For example “Numifex payments”. Change the permission to Read/Write.
  5. Click Generate API Key.
  6. In another tab, open the Numifex admin https://yoursite:4000/admin/. Copy the fields Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from the WooCommerce page to the fields on the Numifex admin page. Save those by pressing the Submit button.

For more information see WooCommerce Rest API.

Give Payment Processor Key to WooCommerce

  1. In your browser, go to the payment processor admin page. For example http://numifex-host:4000/admin.
  2. Click on Commerce and expand the WooCommerce section.
  3. Enter the URL to your WordPress site in the “WordPress URL” field. For example http://numifex-host.
  1. Click on the API Tab. Click Create new API Token.
  2. In another tab, open the WooCommerce admin. Click on the Numifex tab. Copy the field Client Secret from the Numifex page to the WordPress page.

Give Payment Processor URL to WooCommerce

You also need to tell the WooCommerce plugin where to find the payment processor.

  1. Click on “Numifex” in the admin sidebar in WordPress.
  2. In the field “Numifex URL” enter the URL for the payment processor. For example “http://numifex-host:4000”.


You can enable/disable and configure each crypto currency in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments.


You can set price settings for each coin individually. Read more about how these at Pricing.